Tuesday, January 1, 2008

1/1/08 - A New Something

35 more days until the "people who know" say this little something will arrive. Today I wanted to go out and run and do sit-ups or at least attempt to be active - after all its a new year, time to work off the infamous Wilson "holly-wreaths" and all those chewy cinnamon candies my mom got me addicted to... Alas I got about 30 squats done while Micah did sit-ups then I had to sit down. This child is getting a better workout on my bladder than I ever will all month.

Micah's quote of the day: "Man Diane, you have GROWN!" These comments better stop after the baby comes :)

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Keri Speidel said...

I love your blog. I do believe that there is a "man part" in that ultrasound picture!!! If that's the case, I will clothe your child :)