Thursday, January 31, 2008

I sat and watched the snow today for about 40 minutes, appreciating the silence in our apartment and contemplating the word "patience." Being one that is not the best at waiting, I flip my calendar early every month - today I flipped to February and it was a photo of a branch with lots of ice and snow with the words boldly written, "Be Patient." Another reminder that I am NOT in control here! Small signs are happening to tell me yes, this baby will be meeting us soon - so hurry up and wait. Last week I talked to Annie and she was making chocolate chip cookies with her sister, soon after her sister was in labor meeting little Eva. Guess what I did today? I made cookies. If nothing else, at least Micah will be satisfied. The cookie jar is full to the top.

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Kim said...

Hmmm...from what I hear the cookies worked. It was ravioli in our house. I plan on making a lot of it come June!