Sunday, January 13, 2008

The Incredible "Edible" Egg

Micah and I like to bake together, and often we tend to do it late at night, or start at a decent time and end really late because we underestimated baking time, cooling, etc... Usually whatever we are making turns out great, which can be a problem when there are only two of us, and 12+ servings. Tonight however was a bit different...

Micah wanted to make Creme Brulee (no, we don't usually settle on something easy, like brownies from a box), so of course that meant also making an angel food cake to use up the egg whites - who would waste egg whites when you can get a cake out of them?? Not us. Creme Brulee was relatively easy - mix, bake, torch the tops tomorrow and end up eating two cups of heavy cream between the two of us. The angel food cake was another story...
The website's recipe said "The Best Angelfood Cake Recipe," which I'm sure if we would have read on about HOW to mix the ingredients correctly, it would have been wonderful.

Obviously beating egg whites is an art. After about 30 minutes or more of continuous beating on high speed we realized we had killed off any chance of "soft peaks." Needless to say we aren't wasteful people, so we made the cake anyway. Instead of using the traditional pan, we opted for the 'ol 9 x 13. At least our house smells good.

Amazingly, it still tasted good -it just reminded us of a sponge soaked in sugary glue. Yum.

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