Thursday, January 10, 2008

Like a Rock

My stomach is hard as a rock, too bad its not like this without a baby inside :) I really can't tell what "lump" is what when I feel my stomach, I just know "Petunia" really likes to move. We did discover trombones are a favorite of this child - kicking with the music was good entertainment the other night. It must have Micah's genes if its musical - not mine!

Last night we went swimming at the hotel in town, anything to get out and exercise at this point. Although the hot tub was tempting, Micah was nice enough to stay in the cold pool with me and swim/float (not sure how much exercise I actually got, but swimming is a great feeling at 9 months!) . If I could have a water birth I would, it seems like it would be so much more comfortable.

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