Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Mr. Mason had his first bout of sickness last week, but has quickly bounced back to his normal fun self. We really missed those smiles and laughs and were relieved when they returned. The weather has finally turned here in Iowa and we are SO THANKFUL for that! We have been on so many walks this past week that it completely justifies all of the chocolate I have been consuming. Isn't that how it works? (No, I did not finish out my degree in Dietetics, I switched to Art remember??)
We have another trip to Galesburg planned this weekend. Hooray! I haven't been to IL in two months and can't wait to see all the babies (and of course their parents...) We have planned this weekend as a craft/art weekend, but the excitement lies more in catching up and lots of photos by Grandma Wilson :)

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