Wednesday, September 17, 2008

I really am here, just without any internet. Or pictures, or videos, or anything exciting exept my rambling. We have moved, unpacked (mostly) and I am working on the whole organization issue with my brain. I'm also picking paint colors, even though we probably will not get that done right away. When I brought up paint, Micah brought up texture on the walls, new trim, baseboards, etc.... THEN paint. Ah details... We'll see if the busy contractor fits me in his schedule. :)

Mason update:

Weekend - Picked up several "puffs" and ate them off of his high chair -unassisted.
Tuesday P.M. - went to bed at 10:30 pm :( - this is because I had the night OFF, and Micah put him to bed, oops, I mean tried but Mason KNEW he wasn't Mom so he refused to go to bed until I got home. Sweet, but not acceptable little man. We will do this again soon, without the late bedtime of course.
Wednesday P.M. - almost ate a purple hosta flower - finger sweep was neccesary. Clapped his hands numerous times, especially to the beat of a song I was singing (so cute! I will post a video later)

It really is amazing how excited I can get about this stuff, but when its your child it really is a lifetime accomplishment.

Newsflash: 3 cloth diapers appeared at my doorstep this afternoon. Micah is very sneaky. If you are a CD user and have any advice for me I welcome it (and YES, I know it takes more than 3 diapers)


meredith said...

So...i'm probably not the one you expected to respond, but I used cloth diapers with the kiddos that I nannied.

She used the kind with tea tree oil in the laundry sack so they diapers didn't stank... brilliant. She used other oils too...on a little piece of fabric pinned inside the top of the bag.

Janice said...

oooh I will email you some helpful sites for the dipes. I find running thru a rinse cycle w/ tee tree oil on cold helps w/ the smell alot, then washing on warm w/ homemade detergent, there are only certain kinds of detergents that can be used with the CD. What kind/type are they?

Anonymous said...

Janice - they are bum genius, and i'll prob. get some wonder wrap ones also


Janice said...

ahhh no experience with either of those, but I know that Cheneys use them. Offer is still there if you want to check out my covers and dipers if you are curious on the others. I hear the bum genius are great! And you can easily make inserts and doublers really cheap!

Kim said...

Don't use them at night! I got so tired of kids peeing through at night that we use disposables when we get them ready for bed.

Kim said...

Hmmmm...I don't know what color you should use, but your paint colors make me hungry. Maybe it's time for a snack!

Kirsten W. said...

Diane - would you email me your new mailing address? I'm having a little mama & baby party and I want to send you guys an invite - kirstenwilliamson*at* Thanks!