Wednesday, October 29, 2008


I've been tagged to list 6 exciting things about me (thanks Sarah M...) so I thought instead I would tell you 6 exciting (somewhat) things that happened on vacation!
1. First stop in Wisconsin was Mineral Point. We drove around this and other small towns as part of the Fall Art Tour. Mason rode on my back in the spitting rain and we walked and talked to local artists (some we cared for, others we didn't... but lots of fun eye candy).

2. Day 2 we traveled to Milwaukee for some tours. We started out at none other than the Miller Brewery. We met some great folks from Oklahoma and drank some really crappy beer. I only went for the name, lets just say I asked for a lemonade - it was that bad. (Yuck on cheap beer)

3. DIRECTLY after our Miller tour we headed towards the river to Lakefront Brewery.
We found the brewery and a long line. Apparently they give out lots of beer, and most people don't want the tour. I, on the other hand, really didn't want the beer, but Micah wanted to go, so we stood in line. (poor little Mason was getting his cold that day, he was a snotty mess). After they cut the line off about 5 people ahead of us, we snuck in line anyway and got in. They did have good beer.

I left the tour halfway through because Mr. Mason decided to pee all down the front of my shirt (twice) in the Moby Wrap. Luckily they are cleverly designed and no one knew.
There's the guilty man himself in all his glory.

4. Day 3 was my day to choose what we do, so we went to the Milwaukee Art Museum. I was impressed with their collection but not impressed with the contemporary art installations. Seriously, I think we can move on from the whole conceptualism movement into something a bit more meaningful. I was excited to see a Joseph Cornell piece and the Milton Avery collection.

5. CHEESE! We bought a lot of it at the Wisconsin Cheese Mart while Mason slept in the car. (poor kid was getting sicker and sicker) No we did not leave him in the car alone. I was also SO excited to find a Spice House across the street.

6. Mason got way too sick that night so we headed home. (Plus I ran out of clothes for Mason and me because they all had vomit on them) BUT, we did get to stop in Monroe and buy MORE cheese on the way home.

Yes, I know these are not dairy cattle. But Micah wanted to stop and look at the cows. Iowa boys....

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The Fribergs said...

I need to know how you had Mason harnessed on your back, I would like to try that with Sam!