Sunday, October 5, 2008


Work work and more work was this weekend's motto; but in the end it was very rewarding. I finally finished taking down the lovely drop ceiling in the living room, so this weekend we took down the trim and removed almost all of the plaster and drywall from the walls. Sounds easy enough, but hard to get a lot done with a child thats on the move and plastic over the doorways (hence not being able to see Mason and what hes getting in to). SO, I tore out plaster while Mason played in the garage with Micah as he tore apart his car. (which actually got put back together and is working great now, good job hubby)

Things Mason ate/sucked on this weekend: Dad's wrench, big greasy car part (oops, Dad wasn't looking and Mom was inside....), hackberry leaves, and a communion cup in church (this one he actually ate part of... HEY, I was actually trying to listen to the sermon today and we really didn't think they would break) .

Paint update: I bought the orange roasted squash. You all were wrong :)
Mason update: Figured out how to crawl on wood floors. Time to break out the childproofing info I put away... somewhere.... ??


Keri Speidel said...

Mmmm roasted squash! Let me know how that turns out. Forget childproofing....they have to learn somehow :)

The Murphy's said...

I am impressed! That looks like lots of work!

Kirsten W. said...

Just wanted you to know I got your phone message! Glad you & Mason will be able to come - see you on the 25th! (And good luck with all your renovating!)