Monday, December 8, 2008

Mason Update

(pictures will follow soon)

Last Wednesday - decided to start pulling up and standing on everything!

Saturday - climbed an entire flight of stairs at Grandma Wilson's (she promised him ice cream if he did it... guess she forgot :)

Saturday - stood a little on his own with Grandma and fell asleep on her shoulder when she put him to bed. (awwww)

Monday - Likes to stand on his own and balance, then learned how to plop down on his butt. This is a fun trick and he likes to do it a lot. I think his butt would hurt if it wasn't for the cushy cloth diaper.
He also got to stay up and watch the Charlie Brown Christmas special. More interested in the buttons on the TV.

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The Murphy's said...

What a big boy! They will do anything for those grandmas! I hope he doesn't try pulling up on the Christmas tree.:)