Thursday, February 12, 2009

Down and Out and Back at it Again

Mason hardly got sick last winter, but I suppose thats because at this point he was only 2 weeks old and beyond that we never went anywhere. This winter he has had the same runny nose for almost a month and is on the mend from some sort of flu. I really am not complaining though, he slept almost the ENTIRE day yesterday on the couch, in my arms, on my shoulder, and in his crib. Then slept the entire night! You would think I would have accomplished gobs of cleaning and crafting but no, I just watched him sleep, made dinner and did the dishes. Dishes when he slept on the couch because he really could have just rolled off. But really, I had never ever ever seen him sleep that much. Even when he was brand new. Today he was a brand new kid! I think somewhere in that 24 hour slumber he figured out he is a toddler now, not a baby. Example - I KNOW he knows not to bang on the screen. He looks at me, gives a very sly smile, raises his eyebrows, and continues. He also KNOWS not to throw food off his tray - "Hey Mom, I'm dangling a handful of rice just over the edge of my highchair, I'm looking right at you, giving you a mischievious look (which I know all too well) and am now flinging it while still keeping eye contact. Aren't I sly?!" Yes Mason, you are just so amazing aren't you :)

So I had this flashback today from when I had been home with Mason for about a week. I remember thinking I will never be able to cook a meal again or do anything remotely on my own, even go to the bathroom (and if you are a Mom you know I don't just mean alone). Then I realized that today I made some lovely valentine decor, made truffles, cleaned the bathroom and kitchen and made Tikka Masala for dinner (don't buy the Target Brand of that sauce by the way, way too spicy...). All with a 1 year old hanging on my leg or in my arms (and with a nap in there somewhere). I think its just important for me to see something come to completion in 1 day, because tomorrow and the next day and the next I am working on something that is never ending, being a Mom. Oh, and now I can say I've actually stayed in the same job for over a year. The only one that ever really truly mattered to me.

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