Sunday, February 1, 2009

Mason's real birthday is today, actually he was born at 8:19 tonight so by the time I get done writing this he will be 1. Blogging is so much easier than delivery... Today Mason, Scott, and Grandma Nancy celebrated their birthdays together at Granite City for brunch. They all ate ice cream to celebrate and Mason thoroughly enjoyed every bite. We then watched Mason go crazy as he discovered what sugar can do to that little body. He climbed stairs A LOT today. Tonight when I laid him down for bed he pointed at his owl and laid down very happy. I quickly caught a glimpse of that newborn look in his face, and remember him laying in his bassinet in the hospital with his blanket just looking at me, the exact look I got as he went to bed tonight. Its a very trusting look, very humbling, knowing he still depends on us for so much. We are so blessed and thank the Lord for providing such a sweet little boy.

Happy 1st Birthday Mr. Mason!

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Kirsten W. said...

aww congrats! He's so handsome! :)