Wednesday, March 11, 2009

These are a few of his favorite things

Mason is a silly boy. He loves to do silly things. Like shake his head really fast and copy his dad, who also is very silly.
Here's a few more favorites...

1.Stacking blocks and knocking them over.

2.Hugging his stuffed animals, especially his big soft bear.

3.Sitting in the rocking chair all by himself.

4.Riding and pushing his Wheely Bug. Today he rode all by himself. He made it 6 inches.

5.Eating his food with a spoon and fork like a big boy!

6.Walking anywhere, as long as he gets to hold on to your fingers.
7.DAD, Dad is his favorite at the moment, he does not like it when Dad leaves for work and gets very excited to see him at the end of the day.
8.Going down the slide at the park
9.Exploring the yard and picking up berries.
10.Picking up endless supplies of orange ladybugs and handing them to Mom. (I'm so thankful he's not eating them, YUCK)
11. Dogs. He looks out the window everyday at the neighbor dog and points at them on walks. He even has learned how to bark!
12.Making a whistle sound with his mouth.
13. Blowing when something is hot.
14. Wiping and blowing his own nose with a tissue (this can get pretty messy folks)

I could go on and on, this little boy just loves LIFE, what a great example to the rest of us. You only live once!


Kirsten W. said...

This is such a great list! Lachlan totally tries to put the ladybugs in his mouth, he thinks they're a treat. Hopefully I haven't missed him eating too many, LOL!

The Story of the Murphys said...

Don't you love the booster seat. We didn't even bother with a high chair. It saves so much room.