Wednesday, April 1, 2009


Despite chilly temps, we still get outside. Its always fun to meet other moms at the park. Its also good to show Mason how all the other pumpkins are running around, not crawling... (ahem...) Yes, I do love his quick-as-lightning crawl, but I think life would be so much more fun for him if he figured out those feet! Tonight Micah had him walking holding one hand, I wish I could post the video. It was stinkin' cute. Red sweats, red sweatshirt, bright white Velcro shoes, he was styling.

14 months old today! Yesterday he took a step all by himself in the kitchen in those jazzy white velcro shoes of his. He did not enjoy it and quickly reached for my hand. One day he will just take off... for now he is staying close, and for that I should be thankful.

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c.raf.t said...

My daughter started to walk(first 1 step,then 5 and then she was going everywhere)at 14 month as well..and in 2 weeks time I was following her around the house, and I had to hide all the "dangerous" items!