Wednesday, February 3, 2010

We've been spending lots of time being creative this winter since we do live in Iowa and the snow isn't going away anytime soon. Mason loves play-dough and painting, especially in the bathtub! I highly recommend using this method, very easy clean up and a nice long bath for the boy. Use some baby soap, corn starch and food coloring and TaDa! Great cheap homemade paint that cleans itself up at the end.

I had to post this photo of Mason showing off his new tractor for the camera. Notice the beautiful Christmas in the background... The fireplace has been hard at work this winter and is heating the house great since Micah insulated the house this fall.

Less than 8 weeks to go until this baby arrives! Mason is in love with his new sibling and insists that it is a boy. Its driving me crazy that I don't know, so we'll just assume he knows :) I went through baby clothes today and am trying to get things somewhat ready around here. The baby room will hopefully be painted next week, any last ideas will be helpful - I am still up in the air about it and would honestly like a little pink in my life somewhere :) I'm at the point where I need to order more cloth diapers and am again overwhelmed by how many choices there are out there. I hate researching these things so if anyone has any wise thoughts on this topic send them my way.


Kim said...

Cute pictures!
Even though we don't use them, I've always heard the Bumgenius are great because they grow with the baby. It seems like the Cheney's use them. I bet Jen would give you some info on them.

MamaMiller said...

we use those now, but not sure if I want something different this time... :)

MamaMiller said...
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Kirsten W. said...

love the photos! And LOVE that painting idea! I'll be trying that with Lachlan soon. Good luck with last minute baby prep! We're just starting on all that (due date June 10). Considering cloth diapering this time, so let us know what you decide!

Tracy M. said...

Love this post!!! I will have to get your paint recipe for Isaac, he would love that (to eat it at this point probably). Super cute video!!!