Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Little Snoozer

The adorable Mason after a wonderfully loud burp...

Snoozing and snoring go hand in hand, too bad I'm not getting those Zzz....

I never knew babies snored, but Mason is the KING of snoring. I just sit here and laugh at his noises; sometimes he sounds like an old man, other times Micah says he sounds like a chicken laying an egg. I really wonder what this kid is dreaming about - whatever it is has to be limited, he hasn't been out of this apartment enough to have learned anything substantial!
This week we get to travel to Galesburg and see Grandma and Grandpa Wilson. I can't wait to escape from here for a while and have some extra hands to hold our little/big guy. We also get to meet Eli and Eva! Mason can't wait to meet some other little people his age :)

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