Thursday, February 7, 2008

Mason is almost a week old already. Its hard to believe ! I still have not had time (or the energy) to write much on here, but here is a photo I took today. Mason had his first photo session with Grandma today. What a cheese!


Ingrid said...

Diane!!! Congratulations! I heard the news yesterday from Laura -- I didn't even know you were pregnant! All of a sudden, everyone I know is having babies! I hope you, Micah and Mason are doing well!!


Willo said...


Mason is beautiful, and I think he has your nose..although a lot of Micah, that is for sure...those cute little fingers and oh, such bright eyes..good job..Blessings and Love, Willo

Ann Wooldridge said...

Hi Diane and Micah,
Congratulations on the birth of Mason. He is beautiful. Sherril emailed us the news and I've enjoyed the photos.

Take care, enjoy and again congratulations from the group at View.

Renae said...

Diane! Congratulations. He is so beautiful! Renae Masbruch