Saturday, February 9, 2008

Early Giraffe Travels

Mr. Giraffe will now join Betsy the Elephant in Champaign, Illinois for the early arrival of Elias James Welch! Eva now has a cousin and Mason can't wait to meet them both. Congratulations Annie and Dylan! Eva, Mason and Eli were all born within 3 weeks of each other (much to our surprise) and all are healthy and adorable.

Grandma Wilson left this morning, but Mason will have more visitors today and next week. We are settling in much better now, he only got up to eat twice last night! He has also gained back his weight since birth and the Doctor said he is very healthy.


Laura said...

So fun!!! I don't suppose you guys and all of the babies will be in town Easter weekend will you?!

Linda Wallace said...

Hi Diane, Micah, and Mason,

We are enjoying seeing pictures of your darling little boy. We can't wait to meet Mason in person! Our best to all of you and ENJOY!!!

Love, Aunt Linda, Uncle Wayne, and Whitney