Friday, April 11, 2008

April Showers

Mason got to meet some of my coworkers yesterday at his baby shower at school. He was an angel and wowed the ladies while mom got to eat some cake. (which was adorable!) Emily Feldman is having a boy in May, so it was fun to open our boy gifts together.

Mason's favorite gift is his mobile, he stared at it before it was even out of the box. We tried it today in his crib; although it didn't put him to sleep like I had hoped, it did calm him down for a nice nap he is taking right now in his car seat... (whatever works) :)
We are heading to another shower this weekend at the farm, a joint shower with Micah's sister who is getting married in June. We can't wait to see family and shower Alissa with marriage bliss, it should be fun.
ITS FRIDAY! I am so glad I get to be home today with Mr. Mason, even if its under 45 degrees outside and windy (sorry bud, no walk this afternoon...) Micah and I have been super busy the last couple weeks and it looks like things may not slow down for a while. Maybe when school gets out???
Chalk the Walk in Mount Vernon is in 3 weeks - the first weekend in May. If you have any glorious ideas for me to chalk out, please leave a comment...


Kim said...

No ideas for chalk the walk but as I was showing Josiah the pictures on your blog he saw your belly shot and said 'she pop?' Well, sort of!

Keri Speidel said...

Ohhhhh I was just going to ask you the same thing? Got any ideas for me? I think I have to do something musical..but I just want to do some dinosaurs :) You should do a big Mason chalking :)

Philip said...

As for ideas for Chalk the Walk... Check out any works by Vladimir Kush. Most of them can be seen under the editions tab at He has some great and fun abstracts, including some music related. :-)