Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Wishing on an Etsy

Here are some recent finds I've set my fancy on... Click on the pictures to see more! I think the sketchbook is especially genius. Click here to see the rest of my current favorites.

7 more days of school left. Let the celebration begin... Can I get my art stuff out yet? I had to put all of my supplies in boxes temporarily when Mason was born because I couldn't handle the clutter - but now its driving me crazy not to have a space to PLAY on my own and be cluttery and messy with my art junk ~sigh~ Alas, I look on Etsy and dream of making more stuff. Someday I will have a room dedicated to DIANE'S ART ROOM, DON"T TOUCH ANYTHING UNLESS YOU ARE PLANNING ON BEING CREATIVE. I think I have to have one messy room to survive; instead I have 4 messy rooms and no art room.... Go Figure.

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