Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Better late than Never

So I FINALLY figured out how to get my videos from my camera to the computer... it wasn't my fault, it was the computer's.. really! Our new computer downloaded them right away. Needless to say they are really outdated, but I thought I would put one on here anyway to see if I can figure it out. THEN, later I will post one that is more up to date.

Note: Our naps improved since then, but now they have reversed and we are back to needing MOVEMENT to fall asleep again... I welcome advice, as long as its nice.

Mason is really rolling over now from back to front, but once he gets there he gets mad because he doesn't like his tummy time. He hasn't figured out how to go front to back yet, but I'm sure with that big 'ol head he'll figure it out soon :)

Anyone up for picking strawberries let me know, we may be going this weekend!

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