Tuesday, June 17, 2008

One Track Mind

So I started to feel slightly guilty today about only posting about Mason; Mason's pictures, Mason's stories, MasonMasonMason. But then I remembered... thats what I am DOING all day, what else do I have to talk about? So if you want to know more about whats happening in the Miller household, I will do my best to share, but its more fun to talk about Mason than washing dishes and the bathroom that doesn't get cleaned enough. I DO plan to make more books and mixed media pieces this summer, then I will have that to discuss too... if you would like to motivate me please do - because I need that.

Diane's Goals...
  • make time for creativity (cooking doesn't count)
  • patience patience patience
  • not be so darned obsessed with naps - its not the end of the world if that boy isn't sleeping when he's tired (although he makes it sound like it sometimes)
  • Get out of this darned apartment SOON (as in MOVE) ;)
  • I digress. Have a great Tuesday. Its beautiful here today!

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    Annie said...

    Hey Girl!!!! I just got caught up with all your fun Mason reports, I hadn't read it since right after he was born. You are so darn good at writing, it's so funny to read :) I think that you can rest easy in the 'scrapbooking' department, your blog is sooooo much more fun then a scrapbook! Mason is super super cute! He is getting so big! And so accomplished- rolling over? Eli is still working on.... whatever comes before that.... We'll chat soon- miss you tons!!!!