Wednesday, June 18, 2008

A tasty little treat I call Dinner

So I said cooking didn't count for creativity, but it still needs to be done - so why not make it fun? I'm trying not to look at my pantry and exclaim "Theres nothing to eat!" when really I am just not that enthusiastic about what I see. SO tonight's dinner was Asian Chicken Salad using what was around the kitchen. I actually found a pretty good recipe online. Even though I didn't have everything it called for, it still turned out mighty tasty. Here it is...



  1. Combine the brown sugar,soy sauce,sesame oil, vegetable oil,and rice wine vinegar To prepare the rice noodles heat a skillet with a few tablespoons of oil and break off a little bit of the noodles and add them to the skillet and fry them.
  2. As they begin to puff up remove them from the skillet and drain them on paper towels.
  3. be sure to cook them long enough as the under cooked noodles will be like eating needles.
  4. Once cooked add them to the salad mixture.
  5. In a large bowl combine the lettuce,chicken,green onions,and sesame seeds.
  6. Let chill about 10 minutes and just before serving add the cooked rice noodles.
  7. Serve in salad bowl and offer the salad dressing in a pourable container so your family can add as much dressing as they want.
  8. you can also pour the dressing over the top of the salad, toss and serve immediately.

I didn't have the sesame oil or seeds or green onions. But I used other veggies and it was great. Let me know if you make this and what you think. Its really easy!

Mason note: 101.1 fever today and drool + chewing. I think the chompers are coming.....

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Kim said...

We make a similar salad here...dreamed up pretty much the same way. I didn't like what I saw at home and really wanted to go out to eat. Since that wasn't going to happen I tried to recreate something I saw on a commercial and it turned out to be a hit. Chow mein noodles can be used instead of the cooked ones and I like a dash of red pepper flakes in the dressing to give it a kick.