Saturday, June 21, 2008

22 Pounds!

No, not Mason, the strawberries weighed that much. We picked and picked and picked today up by Independence to stock up on summertime. Happy first day of Summer! Micah wasn't as thrilled as I was to get up early and drive halfway to his parent's place, but I had been looking forward to strawberry time for MONTHS - and I can't pick berries and hold Mason at the same time! It was a beautiful day to be outside and well worth the drive to just get the smell of strawberries as you broke your back to pick them.

Micah eating strawberries...

Diane doing most of the work....

Okay, so now is the time when I wish I could post a video, because Micah got a HILARIOUS video of these ladies in a cat fight - see those ladies standing? They were pushing and shoving and really going at it. I didn't know strawberry picking was so brutal!

Mason is ready to call it a day, he had a nice nap in the strawberry patch.

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