Tuesday, June 24, 2008


(Tired from making pie...)
note: Mason is under crib arrest. He is only sleeping in the crib. Bye-bye carseat. Bye-bye pacifier. Hello Thumb! (Praise the Lord) It is by His strength only that I am gaining patience with our little sleep-fighter. Prayer is really a cool thing.

So I made a pie. I love to bake and cook, but pies are not my forte. If you go to my brother's house, now he can make pie. Its all about the crust, and he will redo the crust until its right. Sweet potato, buttermilk, fruit, whatever. He is the pie man. I am not. That is one way we differ, if a recipe calls for 2 cups of flour I dig that measuring cup into the canister and whatever comes out goes in the bowl. My bro will spoon out the flour and recommends weighing it to get it more consistent with the recipe. A teaspoon of vanilla is never measured in my kitchen. Its just poured. BUT, I will say my pie turned out just fine - nothing fancy, no beautiful edge (actually no edge, I forgot and cut the edge too short), but in the end it was a good (somewhat underdone) pie.

Micah requested strawberry shortcake. I will not use Cool Whip in my house. Yuck. We went for the real whipping cream. SO, now I have an entire pie and strawberry shortcake in my kitchen and only two people. If you want some dessert, don't be shy. Seriously, come over, Mason and I need company. We'll give you the shortcake - its more worthy of company.

I also made jam. (can you tell we have lots of berries?) Thanks to mom for the recipe. Its like Smuckers but better. Now I have to wash, hull and freeze the rest of the pickin' for the winter. It sounds like I'm living in the prairie days or something... (3 more weeks and I am hoping to be picking blueberries in Illinois...)

Oh yes, I almost forgot to mention I signed up for a fabric postcard exchange. A group of 25 people across the country (and Canada) will be making postcards out of fabric and sending everyone one. I love snail mail. It really beats email by a long shot. And to get art in the mail? What could be better? Now to find a place to make these, and how do you make a fabric postcard??? More to come....

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