Monday, July 7, 2008


We had an excellent 4th of July celebration this year at Twin Lakes with Micah's family. Micah's Aunt owns a cabin there and it was a beautiful setting and great weather. We spent the day admiring our new nephew (Henry) and just relaxing. Mason loved all of the attention and Mom loved being in a clutter-free environment with plenty of hands to hold Mason. (No, thats not Mason running down the dock, its Peter - geez, hes not that advanced!)

Mason has a new favorite - pop cans...

Oh wait, theres still some in there.... (notice the massive protruding belly)
Mason: Dude, give me back my pop.

We have moved on to sitting up now unsupported (except for the occasional wobble to suck on his toes and a bonk on the back of his head... oops). He still hasn't even wanted to roll from front to back, and now hes lunging forward on his stomach. I think this little guy is going to be doing the army crawl before long... Yikes!

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