Thursday, November 13, 2008


Being a mom is just that. Someone told me on Sunday that the perfect age is the age your child is TODAY (or us for that matter), and that is SO true. I've never been one to look ahead and wish for crawling, walking, talking, etc., at least not too much. But I do tend to wish for those days of sleeping in every once in a while. But wait.... would I really want to sleep in over meeting my little boy in the morning as he crawls so expectantly towards me in his crib? No way. Those times are precious. Even when hes crying really hard because he woke up too early from his nap (and I tried to wait to see if he would go back to sleep). I pick him up and he is at peace. What a blessing to have that effect on a child. To bring comfort and security to their big big world. What an honor to be their keeper for this little time they have on this Earth. I am so thankful for having loving parents that gave me the gift of security and love as a child. I want to do this for Mason, to make him feel like he is spectacular too.

My little man. I love him.

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Kim said...

First thing in the morning smiles are the best.