Saturday, November 29, 2008


Salt pork, cheesecloth and foil can really make a great turkey. Isn't she beautiful! I had so much fun making our Thanksgiving meal this year, it was great to see it all come together. Even more important was that my family and part of Micah's was able to come together and celebrate this holiday in our home. What a blessing it is to have a house this year! I really am SO thankful for that.
We've come a long way in our dining room remodel, we were even able to eat in it - despite the lack of paint, trim and refinished floor. Micah has promised it will be done in time for Mason's birthday. Never the less, no one minded the unfinished room and a good time was had by all.

I am also really behind on posting on here, so I thought I would at least post some photos from the last month or so...

I thought a fun activity would be to play with spaghetti. Mason HATED it. He couldn't handle touching it and it kept sticking to his fingers. Hope this doesn't mean he won't like to play with clay and paint!

The boys with Uncle Scott on Halloween. Don't they look like cousins!

If you want your crawler to stop moving, put him in a snow suit. It was about 10 degrees that night and we wanted to walk to some friends house. Thats a lot of bundling for a 3 block walk.

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Keri Speidel said...

I'm sorry, I can't stop laughing at that photo of Mason in the snowsuit. You should really try that with Micah....Glad you had a great Thanksgiving, that turkey looks amazing!