Friday, December 12, 2008

Whats for Dinner?

Stromboli! Thought I would share it because it is soooo good. Also found a great soup this week from my Moosewood cookbook (yes, its vegetarian, but Micah still eats it and enjoys it) - Cauliflower Tomato Cheese soup. I couldn't find the recipe online for you, but if you really want some I will make it for you and have you over. I know you are drooling right now at the sound of it. Yum, cauliflower. Seriously, it is great. Mason ate it for lunch three days in a row because we had lots of leftovers. He's pretty much sick of it now. On another note, hes pretty good at climbing my leg now, but can't use his feet to step - which means I have this little squirrel stuck on my leg with my fingers covered in whatever I'm cooking and can't pick him up. He also is still a little skittish about sitting from standing so he freaks out and just HAS to be picked up. Cute, until about the 20th time. Ok, still cute.
Predicament - to cut or not to cut. I go through this every time I go to my hair salon. Short or grow it out? Just don't leave it like this because I hate it. Medium length hair is not my cup of tea and I just don't know if I am patient enough to grow this mop out to look good. Annie, I know you can relate. (Except her hair always looks good, so scratch that) Got a good look for me? Send it my way because its cutting time. Whether I like it or not.

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Annie said...

I'll take a self-portrait and show you that my hair doesn't always look good :) Plus I think that about you!! I'm still growing out but I just trimmed my bangs... Good luck at the hair salon!