Monday, January 19, 2009

Back to Normal

We had quite a week last week and are ready for a very dull uneventful above 0 degrees week. Mason and I hardly got to leave the house since the temperatures were unbelievably ridiculous (-30? Come on, its Iowa). Then Wednesday Micah and I both got food poisoning so we were out of commission for the rest of the week. TERRIBLE. I really have lost my appetite for food in general, but chocolate still seems to sound pretty good... its a good thing Micah stocked up after Christmas. We still have probably 20 bags of various candy in the cabinet (not kidding).
Mason luckily missed the bad milk we had and was a very good sport last week. He played by himself for an entire day it seemed like and is thankfully now napping more than 45 minutes a day. This weekend he started stacking blocks on his own and its so fun to watch. I love to watch him think and figure out how to accomplish tasks, its hard to believe he will be a year in two weeks! We are finally painting the dining room this week so I will try to get some photos up when I'm done. Finally a room with color!


Annie said...

So sorry you were sick! Nothing worse then both of you sick at the same time- you and Micah seem to have a knack for it :) Glad you are feeling better!

The Story of the Murphys said...

Yikes, sounds like no fun to me! Glad the little one didn't get sick. Hope you have a better week this week!