Tuesday, January 13, 2009


I know I've been slacking lately and not writing, but I am motivated by photos and have really slowed my computer down by putting way too many on here, so its time to print, burn (cd) and delete to make room for new ones.
We have gobs of snow here and are supposed to get more tonight. I actually am enjoying shoveling so far and have volunteered to do most of it. I don't get out of the house much since Mason can't walk around in 14+ inches of snow with ice underneath. But I am so thankful for the sun today! Winter really is a beautiful season until the snow melts. Right now our living room is loaded with firewood which is spilling over in order to heat our house this week.
I realize we are half way through January (gasp!), but thought I would share some of the things I would like to accomplish this year...
*Get out of bed before Mason wakes up. Before I hear the giraffe playing lullabyes in the room next door I would like to be showered. This also would help me prepare my mind for the day.
*Finish the dining room! Okay, this really should get done within the next month or two, but its driving me crazy and I want to see it painted with a newly finished coat of poly on the floor. Nice and clean. Lets hope.
*Take a vacation - which is already booked for April! We are headed to Oregon and Washington to see family and my great friend Meredith. I am so excited for this trip and am actually looking forward to the flight. We'll see how Mason does :)
* Organize, paint, and USE my art room! If anyone wants to help me get that room in order I would be grateful. I also want to do art with other people because its so much more fun that way! Check out my friend Keri's page of her artwork, she is my art buddy around here and is very inspiring. I am hoping to post more of my work on there as well.
Photos and videos of Mason will be posted as soon as I clean out iphoto.... Happy January!

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Keri Speidel said...

You are too kind :) It's your page too baby, your art rocks my world. My goal is to have stuff to sell for chalk the walk and I'll make sure you do too...even if it takes cattle proding :)