Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Happy Birthday Micah

Micah and I went to Devotay tonight to celebrate #29. I love experiencing local dining and am becoming less and less fond of chain restaurants. We had some friends watch Mason for 4 hours and headed to Iowa City where there are some scrumptious places to eat. Plus it was 1/2 price wine night, so that was a great bonus. Everything was great and it was nice to reconnect as a couple and not just as parents. I spent my afternoon making a Boston cream pie for Micah but I didn't quite pay attention because my filling ran out of the cake. It is still tasty, but I need to find a way to use the rest of the filling because it won't all fit in the cake.
We stopped into HomeEc workshop while we were in IC and I was SO impressed with their selection of fabric, yarn, books, bags, etc. This weekend I am learning how to make fused plastic bags out of grocery sacks there and I am so excited! I'm always up for learning new techniques.
Have a great week! I really am hoping to put some new photos up soon. I'm just a slacker lately...

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