Monday, March 2, 2009

Monday Morning

Mason woke up at 8 today, what a treat! Then he came downstairs with me and saw the muffins on the counter and got very excited. Pointing and breathing heavier, saying babababa (when he really wants something that's what comes out...). I love breakfast with Mason. He eats with no abandon, shoving it in and wiping his mouth with his sleeve just to make sure it all gets in there. Then when Micah comes down he gets excited because he knows Dad will give him some of his breakfast too. He is totally motivated by food.
Then came the tantrums. Yes, they have started. Right now I am trying the ignoring tactic because I think he just wants my attention. The problem is that he slams his head back and/or forward and has a tendency to hit something with it, which he also doesn't care for. This too shall pass...
I've been working on some birdies to hang for Spring, they just need their little tooshies sewn and they will be all done. Last week I decided to put away all things Winter and get out anything that remotely looks Springish. Its March! Even if its not even 30 degrees yet today... Don't forget to wish Micah a Happy Birthday tomorrow if you see him. Hes shy about his birthday but I know he likes it :)

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