Thursday, May 7, 2009

Here are some quick shots of our vacation, since the computer is cooperating tonight...

Lets just say we don't always take the easy way out. One car ride, three train rides and an airplane and we arrived in Portland... Like I said, Mason was a trooper.

Meredith and I outside her school. I don't think we look much different than 10 years ago standing outside good 'ol GHS. She was a great tour guide of Seattle and found us some great sushi. Mason even liked it.

Classic Seattle shot in front of the Market...This is an awesome photo. This little kid just came right up to Mason and started loving him. It totally looks like Mason is getting beat up though, too much love... He really was quite friendly...Ferry to Bainbridge in Washington. Mason loved it, especially watching the cars load and unload below. Obviously it was a bit windy.
Space Needle. We didn't go up, just looked.
Mason really took to his cousin Tim.
Aunt Karen reading Peter Rabbit to Mason. He sat still for about 1 minute. It was the thought that counts.
My Grandfather helping Mason walk. We had such a great visit with him, I always love talking to him and hearing his stories. He has had a fascinating life.

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Kirsten W. said...

Looks like a fun vacation! Yeah for Mason's new walking skills!