Saturday, July 25, 2009

A few Summer Pics

Mason is building his vocab this month with words mostly recognizable only to Mom and Dad. Here are a few: Car, Truck, Dad, Mama, Clock, Balloon, Choo-Choo, Kitty, Thanks, Boo!, Wow!, Peas. The rest is said by "nn, nn, nn!" (as in pointing and wanting something and not knowing how to say it) He definately gets his point across when he wants to be heard.

Summer is flying by with not too much hot weather to report. We were in sweatshirts at the farmer's market last weekend as well as for the Fourth of July. Mason had his swim lessons at the pool this week and one day the water temp. was 69 degrees. Am I am cruel Mom for taking him anyway? He lasted 3 minutes in the water, then we went home and played in the bathtub.

Mason loves his cousins. Apparently he was feeling protective of Henry.


Keri Speidel said...

Did Micah break down and buy a big plastic kitchen??! Whoa, daddy.

MamaMiller said...

no, the tool bench came from the Arnolds. :)