Wednesday, September 2, 2009


The sewing bug has returned, just when I had the art room almost in an orderly fashion I delve right in again and make a mess. Currently my table has layers of collage paper, acrylics, bobbins, and sewing patterns piled in such a way that causes me to just ignore it and continue with the next project. I did find that "someone" had gotten into the pins earlier this week as I found them scattered everywhere. I have yet to really childproof that room (hence the plastic bag of items such as acetone and turpenoid, etc. sitting on the floor that is supposed to be on the top shelf).
I have never attempted a sock monkey or any sock-type creature, but this week I had to get rid of the wool socks sitting in my drawer since my Colorado days. Mason's monster is almost done, it actually looks a bit like a bunny with large lips, but he likes it. I also found time this week to make the cutie booties from Amy Butler's pattern that I had fabric cut for since last winter. Something made me just finish it this week. I'm trying to actually finish something around here, since cleaning and organizing is so daunting and never ending. I can't give the booties away because if you look too close they are quite amateur and my sewing needs a bit more practice. But I am glad they actually turned out quite adorable.

Mason's new word is no. He is very proficient in using it and is turning out to be quite strong-willed about certain things. Like food and wearing clothes. He also says "mmm-hmm," meaning yes, which is very helpful in decision-making throughout the day. We are working on using words now instead of sounding like a monkey when he wants something. If you've been around him you know. Kind of like a whining monkey. This is just a phase. We are working on yes please and no thank you, but I'm sure that is far into the future. Thankfully if you ask for a kiss or a hug he is willing and doesn't say no. That really brightens my day :)

Have you seen this book? It is a treasure and on my list. So many great ideas!

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the Andersons said...

Are you expecting a sibling for Mason? If so, congratulations!!! When are you due?