Sunday, November 1, 2009

Pumpkins and Mr. Spooky

Its hard to believe it is already November. We were pinching ourselves last night as we took the kids trick-or-treating, are we really parents taking our KIDS doing this? It still seems like we should be the ones dressing up and going door to door. Time goes by so fast. Mason went trick-or-treating with his cousins Thomas and Tristan and they were very enthusiastic about the entire experience. Mason loved dressing up in his costume and quickly figured out the perks of ringing someone's doorbell and knocking on their door. A few times he even tried to go inside! Fearless. He did get called a girl 2 times, but we'll blame that on his eyelashes.
Mason's Grandma Miller grew Jack 'O Lanterns for all the kids, so we brought that and two of our little pie pumpkins from our garden to carve with the family. Mason and Thomas were more interested in the markers, but Mason did help dig out his pumpkin.
Mason and Thomas call Grandpa's computer the Choo Choo box. YouTube has some great videos with trains and everytime we visit thats the only thing they want to do. So when the boys got back from trick or treating they crashed and watched the ChooChoo box and ate raisins.

I hope everyone had a safe Halloween! It was so much fun to see Mason running from door to door, he even had the "Roar!" down for a tiger. What a fun holiday!

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Kim said...

That's Josiah's favorite thing to do on the computer too. He and Philip will watch hours of train videos on UTube.