Sunday, November 15, 2009

Random bits of fun

I went a little crazy making birds this last month, and still have a few left after the open house. They will make great ornaments this year on the tree if I don't sell the rest by Christmas. I also made a few sewn tags out of tape transfers and fabric for the open house. They are so much fun to make and decorate with. I am itching to decorate for Christmas already but am determined to wait until after Thanksgiving.

We will be celebrating with Turkey 3 times this year, since turkey was such a good deal at the grocery store this year Micah and I bought our own to make (Micah's idea, but I'm sure I will end up in charge of cooking it). We are headed up the Sumner next weekend to this great B&B with Micah's family, then headed to the Wilson Thanksgiving the following Thursday. What a great busy time of the year! I love the holidays, but am determined to keep things a little simpler this year. I wanted to make it a handmade Christmas, but I don't think I planned ahead enough to do that for every one this year.
I did find a great new cranberry jam recipe to try making sometime in the next week or two. Poke around on the site, she has some great ideas for food in jars.

On another note, this baby is kicking like crazy and is measuring a little large at the moment. I'm 20 weeks on Tuesday and feel like I am 7 months pregnant. Tonight I was watching FB with Micah and nearly fell off my chair, it felt like an electric shock kick, this baby is strong and could possibly be very fiesty. Watch out. We did the old ring test on the tummy this weekend and it showed "boy" which I am more convinced of every day.

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