Friday, December 4, 2009

Grandpa's Railroad

Grandpa Wilson finished his airplane and sold it, so he needed a new project... Tada! The garage has now been turned into a little boy's dream equipped with switches for the boys to turn and lights to turn on and off. We get updates weekly and Mason now won't leave the computer alone! He always is asking to see Grandpa's choo-choo. The Lionel trains are the ones my dad grew up with under his Christmas tree, so it is fun for him to see the grandkids have so much excitement for them too. When we were kids my dad had a model railroad in the basement with smaller trains but eventually he gave the whole thing away to a collegue for his kids. Mason and Thomas spent a lot of Thanksgiving weekend pushing cars and unloading freight cars, Christmas should be even more fun since new things are being added all the time. Like the junk yard....This is a photo of the "bare bones." I think an airport is going back there somewhere.

With Christmas fast approaching I'm reminded of how much more important time is to kids than any other gift we can give them. I'm sure these boys will have fond memories of their Grandpa beyond any gifts that could be left under the tree.

Happy Birthday Dad! We love you!

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