Friday, April 9, 2010

A few more pics for you

Mason and Grandpa Wilson had some "man time" while we were in the hospital. Mason loved seeing the fire trucks at the station and Grandpa had fun corralling Mason during "nap time...."

Mason got to visit us twice in the hospital. He was very proud of his sister and insisted on holding her and giving her kisses!

Grandma and her first granddaughter at 2 days old

We walked down to the Easter egg hunt in town last Saturday. Mason loved "hunting" for eggs with Dad. He even did a few practice runs at home with Micah to insure he would fill his basket.... ;) Monty the Corgi joined in on the fun.

This is what happens when Mom and Grandma play dress up... :) Avery had lots of photos taken by Grandma Wilson when she was here. This dress was mine when I was a baby so we had to be nostalgic. The bonnet may be a little much. Sorry Avery, but its just so darn adorable we had to do it.
Enjoy !


Dawn said...

She is very pretty

Annie said...

Love that look on her face in the pic with the dress- she looks totally put out but adorable!! Can't wait till I can meet her!

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