Sunday, May 16, 2010

Better late than never

7 weeks have absolutely flown by! Avery has really grown and changed and is now smiling and "talking" quite often. She has given us a few nights with 6 hours of sleep which has been GREAT, maybe because she is putting on the pounds quite well. We'll see how much she weighs in a couple of weeks. This weekend we are in Illinois spending time with family. My brother graduated from law school so we celebrated with a big Texas BBQ. The kids had a lot of fun and are worn out today. Mason got to sleep in his new Cars sleeping bag at Grandma's house which was very fun, once he finally fell asleep... Here are some recent photos of "Little Miss Can't Be Wrong", as Micah likes to call her.

~ 1st week home ~

~ 3 weeks old Big Yawn!~

~6 weeks old~

~ 7 weeks ~


Kirsten W. said...

She's so cute! Thanks for the update!

Dawn said...

She is really cute! Precious!!