Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Best Buds

Thought I would also post a few photos of M & A and what they've been up to...

We do lots of art projects in our house, when I am desperate to kill time we go to the art room and find a project... Yes that is a hole in the wall, the art room suffered some demo when we remodeled the dining room...

 Mason was really into Halloween this year, Avery had no fear - she went right up to the door and dug into the candy bowls.  Mason was more brave after watching her and they scored a lot of candy for Dad.

 The first snow, I haven't figured out how to turn photos on here.  Mason was in heaven because he has new boots and a new coat, Avery wore Mason's old snow pants and could barely walk. 

I highly recommend this activity, they loved making the rice and love digging it in and finding treasures.  Mason makes birthday cakes with it in the cupcake pans and puts candles in them.  Avery is working on keeping it on the table.  She loves to dump and pour it.  Then Mason loves to use my vaccuum and clean it up :)

Make sure to scroll down and read the next post devoted to Blake!

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