Friday, December 21, 2012

Stop It.

Stop.   Stand still.          Just watch.

Where did the last year go?  The fog has not lifted from my eyes, for the last two years have been a blur of children running in front of me (and under me, and around me, and over me... you get the point).  And now it is December.  Micah and I have had an incredible busy year with these three children and a business that runs steadily forward and, thankfully, doesn't seem to slow down.  And now it is December. 

I say this because every year it feels like Christmas just sneaks up and appears at my doorstep.  I remember waiting and waiting and waiting for it to come as a kid.  Sitting at the top of the steps Christmas morning just waiting for Mom and Dad to get out of bed so we could finally go downstairs.  The tree, the lights, the anticipation.  Now I am in charge of that anticipation for my children.  I am the one bundling up and sending them out into the snow.  How did that happen so fast? 

Stop.  Stand still.  They are growing.  Where have the last 5 years gone?  Where did the last 31 years go?  This year I am more nostalgic than usual.  Thinking more and more about how quickly our time is spent here.  There are moments I mess up as a mom, as a wife, as a friend.  There are more moments when life is victorious and we are living day to day mundane moments that our kids will remember the most.  I pray I can focus on the more moments and keep them special and hold them close to my heart.  This is real life, those diapers you're changing are important.  And those conversations about how tall mountains are, and if they are bigger than the biggest house in the world, are important.  How you answer those questions is important.  I hope I can stop, look my children in the eye and really listen.  Really answer their questions. 

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Train Time

 Mom and Avery went to a party today.  The boys stayed with Grandpa Wilson.
 Apparently Blake played trains with Mason for 2 hours!
 Avery is too scared to play trains.  Must be a boy thing.
Blake is 8 months now and on the GO.  He is crawling and climbing and wanting to be BIG.  Should be a fun summer at the Miller house!

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Best Buds

Thought I would also post a few photos of M & A and what they've been up to...

We do lots of art projects in our house, when I am desperate to kill time we go to the art room and find a project... Yes that is a hole in the wall, the art room suffered some demo when we remodeled the dining room...

 Mason was really into Halloween this year, Avery had no fear - she went right up to the door and dug into the candy bowls.  Mason was more brave after watching her and they scored a lot of candy for Dad.

 The first snow, I haven't figured out how to turn photos on here.  Mason was in heaven because he has new boots and a new coat, Avery wore Mason's old snow pants and could barely walk. 

I highly recommend this activity, they loved making the rice and love digging it in and finding treasures.  Mason makes birthday cakes with it in the cupcake pans and puts candles in them.  Avery is working on keeping it on the table.  She loves to dump and pour it.  Then Mason loves to use my vaccuum and clean it up :)

Make sure to scroll down and read the next post devoted to Blake!

Have you met Blake?

This is Blake. He is the third child. It has taken me almost 5 months for me to post his sweet little face. His day 1 photo is on the right of the page, but has probably gone unnoticed since I haven't updated for so long...

Blake Fredrick Miller was born on July 12th and looked just like his big brother. Now he looks just like a Wilson, thats what I think anyway. He is the sweetest baby in the world and has brought pure joy into Mason and Avery's lives. They adore him!

This is Blake's personality. An incredibly laid back handsome man that smiles all the time and is VERY ticklish. His Dad teases him that his ears stick out but I think he is perfect.

Since this photo he has graduated to the big tub upstairs and lays on Mason's leg to get his bath. He is a patient little man and doesn't mind occasional water splashed in his face. He also likes getting his hair combed... Don't laugh, he really does have hair up there.

Mason wanted to be a scary bat for Halloween. Blake's cousin Isaac had a scary bat costume for Blake too.

Currently Blake is grabbing things and will sit up by himself for a little bit. Of course my hands are there just in case he tips, or Avery pushes him over.

I'm not going to lie, I was incredibly overwhelmed and a little freaked out when I found out how close Blake and Avery were going to be in age, but he has been the biggest blessing so far to our little family and I am convinced God's plan is so much better than anything I can come up with on my own. Hopefully there will be more photos before he turns 1!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011


Almost forgot to mention!!! Its a boy! We decided to find out ahead of time to mix things up a bit. July 8 is quickly approaching and he is cooperating nicely by not making himself too noticeable (in comparison to the other 2 kids that chose to really stick out quite nicely and make mom's clothes not fit and weigh in around 9# each). So far he is helping mom stay comfortable and putting up with his brother and sister's antics. We'll see how he does when he joins us this summer!

Scroll down for some new photos and updates on previous posts....

Spring Photos

Lets just say this is how the photo shoot started out. I can see it in their faces. Why does our Grandma have to keep taking our picture?! We came to play in the sandbox and with trains and the dog. Not to smile at that camera again...

Eventually they warmed up to the idea...

I love this photo because it definitely shows their personalities... They are such goofballs together!

Scroll down for some birthday posts. I have been a little preoccupied with kiddos and playing OUTSIDE and don't get around to posting very often!

Happy Birthday Avery and Bridgette!

Avery celebrated #1 with her "twin" cousin Bridgette. We borrowed a bouncy castle from a friend to keep all of the cousins (and adults) entertained...

Not sure what this sweet girl will think of a new baby in the house, but for now I'm still getting used to her not being a baby anymore!!