Monday, August 4, 2008

Here fishy fishy fishy...

This was my kitchen last Wednesday night. Micah made me a cake for my birthday.... Then he cleaned up. I can't decide which I liked better, the cake or the cleaned up kitchen. I will choose the cake because it lasts longer... (as I write this I am procrastinating... I still need to do the dishes today)
-stopped, did the dishes, now I have a clear conscious... sort of...(and now its 4:45)-
Mason got to go swimming this weekend with his cousin Thomas, the water was VERY cold, so I'm impressed they weren't hollering at Carrie and I as we tossed them in (ok, no tossing, Mason was very cautious about this big bathtub. He did get up to his waist though). Thomas had no fear though, by the end he was crawling right into the water down the handicap ramp - its so fun to see the different personalities these little boys have.

Do not comment on the hair, I'm a mom. Although some days I look gorgeous, this is not one of them. You are supposed to be looking at the cute little boys.
Tonight is walleye night. Micah's brother and his wife caught tons of fish in MN this summer so they shared with us. We brought home the fish when we were at the farm a few weeks ago and didn't have a cooler. We figured we were coming home right away and it really doesn't take that long...(2 hours, plus a stop at Target...) We got home, threw the fish in the freezer right away and it was fine. The next three days I couldn't figure out why the car smelled like a dumpster. Was it the lumber in the trunk? Was it a dirty diaper in the back seat? Was it *gasp* Mason? After three days of trying to ignore it (I have always hated cleaning out the car, my dad could tell you that) Micah gave in and checked the trunk. Since it was still full of Micah's work supplies I let him take care of it. OOPS, forgot that the fish had been in the trunk. Sloshing around in our upside down frisbees and onto the trunk mats was 4 day old fish juice that had been COOKED in our marvelous Iowa heat. Micah dared me to smell it, but I told him only if we got a house in the next two weeks (HA, I knew that wasn't going to happen). After about an hour of scrubbing, our car now smells sweetly of carpet cleaner. Tonight we eat the fish. :)

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Annie said...

Hey, is that the Lincoln Park place? If so, how nice does that look :) We'll have to try it when we go at the end of August!